Communication Arts

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Lois Wakeman
Horseman's Hill Barn
Gore Lane
Lyme Regis
01297 444 707
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Lyme Regis
This member is prepared to commute daily: 20 Miles (from Lyme Regis).
This member is prepared to visit occasionally: UK Wide (from Lyme Regis).
Originally established in 1982, Communication Arts has been writing for clients large and small, with great success. I pride myself on the enduring relationships I have built with customers. Although based on the Dorset/Devon border in the UK, and happy to provide services to local small businesses, I work mainly with national and multinational companies; using the telephone, intranets, and email for most communications. I am happy to visit clients for meetings and workshops, but do not work for extended periods on-site. I have a wide range of experience in many different arenas, including pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and software end-user, technical and process documentation. However, I have found that it is not necessary to be a subject matter expert to produce good documentation, not least because I am not afraid to ask the stupid questions that an expert would be embarrassed to ask - just the questions for which the reader needs to have answers. I also have interests in typography and document/template design, web usability and accessibility, information architecture and photography - all useful adjuncts to my core skill of translating complex information into clear English tailored to the intended reader. Programs used include Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007, CorelDraw, Paintshop Pro and Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Acrobat. I am trained in Information Mapping, have extensive knowledge of (X)HTML and CSS, and a good working knowledge of SOHO computing. I also have experience of tailoring online services like WordPress and Joomla! - though I wouldn't call myself a programmer, I can usually adapt existing scripts to work how I want them to.
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